Workshops and Retreats Presented by Carol on Art, Spirituality and Positive Psychology,

Spiritual Journaling and Storytelling

Imagery of Psalms

Drawing from Yourself: Creativity and Resilience

Labyrinth: Praying the Spiral Path

Stones and Bones: Desert Times

Everyday Shrines and Sacred Spaces

River Stories: Images of Time and Journey

Masks:  Rituals of Passage and Transformation

Great Darkness, Great Light

The Authentic Life:  The Psychology of Positive Emotions

Creative Spirit: Play, Wonder and Art

Different Voices:  Women and Men in Conversation

Celtic Spirituality

Joy in the Wilderness

Benedictine Spirituality in Everyday Life

Art from the Heart: Writing and Art-Making as Spiritual Practice

Fruits of the Spirit

Spiritual Gifts

Nurturing Children's Spirituality

Creativity in Prayer

Positive Psychology: Latest Research

Morning by Morning: Everyday Spirituality

Stargazing with Hildegard: Creativity and Authenticity

Curiosity, Courage and Creativity

Live in Harmony

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