Come listen to our wonderful guests---artists, dancers, performers, creativity consultants, educators, therapists, life coaches---tell the stories of their creative activities and dreams


Corinne Campbell of Le Vieux Couvent, August 26th



August 19, 2009  Cindy Johnson, Executive Director of Courage and Renewal--North Texas  Hear more about Cindy's recent workshop, "Courage and the Creative Process."  Cindy is passionate about the work that she does, as well as her avocational creative pursuits.  The goal of Courage and Renewal is to offer, teach and model principles and practices that create safe space in community for individuals to hear and speak their authentic voices and to more fully integrate their lives and work.  Courage and Renewal North Texas provides personal and professional renewal experiences that help individuals reconnect with who they are and what they do by offering retreats, consultant facilitators and collaborating with other organizations who want to provide renewal opportunities for their constituents.



Bill Boychuk,  of Le Vieux Couvent

August 26, 2009  Bill Boychuk and Corinne Campbell, artists and owners of Le Vieux Couvent, a haven in the southwest of France in the tiny village of Frayssinet,  where artists come on holiday to paint and renew themselves. They have developed an environment at Le Vieux Couvent where people come to find their own creativity and pleasure, through painting, photography, cooking, creative writing and walking. The history of medieval Europe surrounds them, and their haven of calm is a former convent school dating back to the 17th century.  The school is now a painting/yoga studio, surrounded by blooming gardens.  Bill has gone from the practice of psychology to venue management and finds both careers filled with intense and varied human interaction.   Corinne is a lifelong ceramic sculptor who led a nomadic art-filled life before marrying and settling in Canada.  Bill and Corinne created Le Vieux Couvent about 13 years ago. At Le Vieux Couvent,  physical transformations can become apparent as guests slow down, learn to be still and appreciate the silence of the quiet village nights, and enjoy feasting and playing with other guests. Corinne's offerings as Chef are some of the most talked about aspects among their
isitors. Click below on link to website
see their blog at


September 2, 2009  Sandy Wright,  writer, coach, marketing consultant.  Let Sandy give you some great tips on writing in your authentic voice.


For over 35 years, Sandy Wright has honed her skills as a writing coach, storyteller, author and guide, helping individuals explore, discover and strengthen their unique "voice".  As the former director of The Writers" Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Sandy interacted with authors from around the world, in all genres at all levels of experience.  All the writers were seeking to build their own writing habits, to make time for creativity and create their own space to let stories unfold. In the world of business and nonprofit organizations, Sandy has used creativity and the art of storytelling to guide expansion, organizational development, to hone marketing skills and open new avenues for expression.  Sandy is insatiably curious, thrives on a sense of humor, values the human journey and the unique, incredible beauty of each person.

September 9, 2009 
Dr. John Deleray,
a psychologist who helps

businesses get more creative in problem-solving.   Listen to John's great ideas about how to be more creative at work, as well as some stories about Robert Johnson, the blues musician who inspired Eric Clapton.

John Deleray   is a nationally recognized consulting psychologist to business and industry. He earned his master's and doctorate in psychology at Baylor University.

He established the Fort Worth/Dallas-based psychological consulting firm known as Deleray & Associates to be an extension of the management of the organizations they serve.  The firm uses accepted methods of psychology to help organizations select, train, and develop their personnel.

"We deliver new perspectives, options and insights about their employees and about their business," Deleray says.  "We provide an objective opinion, and, at the bottom line, help organizations realize the potential of their human resources."  He has conducted train-the-consultant creativity workshops locally and nationally and consults with business clients to enhance creativity and innovation.

He is a Past President of the Society of Consulting Psychology of the APA and received the 2003 Levinson Award for exceptional ability integrating psychological theory and practice to help leaders create more effective, healthy, and humane organizations.

He is currently President-Elect of the Fort Worth Area Psychological Association.



September 16, 2009  Anne Ostholthoff and Pamela Millice, from ArtsNOW, an organization devoted to improving education  by equipping teachers with professional development and resources to bring creativity and the arts into daily classroom instruction, so students succeed academically, socially and artistically.  Their partners in this work include Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education, Emory University Dept. of Theater Studies, Georgia State University School of Music,
Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta.  Join us as they talk about their groundbreaking work and research into the high impact of arts in all areas of education.

Anne Ostholthoff is founder and CEO of ArtsNow.
A true leader of Atlanta's arts in education community, Anne was a recipient of the Martin Luther Kind Innovation for Change Award given by the Rollins School of Public Health and the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University.  Most recently Anne was instrumental in helping to secure full passage of House Bill 291 to create the Georgia Arts Alliance which is a public-private partnership for support of the arts and arts policy in Georgia.

Prior to founding ArtsNow. Anne devoted her professional career to advising Fortune 500 companies, working for advertising agencies both in New York City and Dallas.

Pamela Walker Millice is Executive Vice President and Executive Director of ArtsNow.
Pam brings a wealth of educational and arts experience to the organization, having served as music teacher, administrator and curriculum specialist in various schools.  One of the highlights of Pam's educational career involved turning around one of the lowest performing inner city schools in North Carolina.  PamelaMilliceWhen she joined the faculty at the school, she oversPamelaMilliceaw curriculum development and helped turn the school into an arts-focused school, tranforming the culture in a way that led to increased student and teacher morale, increased student achievement and improved student behavior. 

After leaving public school teaching Pam taught at Meredith College in North Carolina and Georgia State University.  Prior to joining ArtsNOW, Pam worked as an educational consultant.  Pam enjoys a passion for life in all that she pursues.



September 23, 2009  Noah Simblist,,  Artist, critic, curator and Associate Professor of painting at SMU. Noah received an MFA from the University of Washington and B.A. from Hampshire College.  His work includes drawings, video, sound and wall text that explore the political role of the artist, the concept of forgiveness, Christian Zionism and the idea of home in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

He won the 2007 Moss/Chumley award and has written for ART LIES and Art Papers magazines as well as web-based publications such as Daily Serving, Cablegram,, and ...might be good.  Recent projects include co-editing issue #56 of Art Lies magazine around the theme of collectivism and Collecting and Collectivity, a series of lectures, panel discussions and exhibitions that questioned the relationship between radicality and the market in the contemporary avant-garde.  He has been awarded residencies at Jentel, The Millay Colony and Bemis Center for the Arts.  Noah's blog on his website explores observations during a trip to Israel, where he interviewed Israelis and Palestinians on their concept of home and its relationship to physical space.  In his artist statement he writes about a recent series of  thematically related exhibitions: "The tensions between the abstract forms of crosses, cubes, star or stripes vs. recognizable imagery and texts derived from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict raises questions of competing realities and teh power of signification and representation to participate in their unfolding truths."   Join us as Noah talks about his creative process, observations on teaching and the world of contemporary art.


September 30,  2009  Jane Avila,  art therapist and founder of The Art Station,  a special place in the Fort Worth community devoted to the healing potential of expressive arts.

The Art Station,  a one-of-kind facility in Texas, is one of the few non-profit organizations in the country specializing in art therapy.  With seven therapists on staff,  the Art Station is a warm, light-filled space offering individual and group art therapy and community programs to children and adults.  Working with a number

of local schools and other non-profit agencies, the mission is to provide a safe and encouraging environment where art-making can be used to promote personal growth, uplift hearts and help heal minds and bodies.  The Art Station was founded in 2003.  In response to the loss of a child, Jane began taking art therapy classes and found in art-making the healing that no other process had been able to offer. Jane wanted to share her personal experience of the healing power of art with others.  Join us in conversation with Jane about her journey and the possibilities of art therapy.


October 7th, 2009   Debra Weir, M.A. DASD,  dancer,  teacher, Spiritual Director and founding member of Interplay, an improvisional movement theater.  Join us as we discuss embodied creativity and the power of mixing voice, play and synchronous movement.

Debra taught dance at the University of Kansas, University of California at Berkeley, International School Bangkok. Debra performed with Wing It! Performance Ensemble, creating improvisational performances that are both poignant and humorous and based on ideas from the audience. She has also created performance pieces for churches, conferences and retreats for more than 20 years. Debra and her family lived in Thailand and Sri Lanka for ten years developing a deep love for the world and all people. She is engaged in issues of poverty, education, and the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children.  Her research interests include the body, intuition and imagination in life formation. Debra resides in Atlanta, GA where she companions people in spiritual direction, leads retreats, experiential workshops and InterPlay, and facilitates courses in the Spirituality Program at Columbia Theological Seminary.

October 14, 2009.  Julia Anderson,, certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. 

JuliaeagleJulia has a B.A. from Rice University in Houston, Certification from the Hypnosis Motivation Center in Los Angeles and from the Island Hypnosis Education Centre and School in Victoria, B.C.  Her training incorporates advanced topics in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and her integration of EFT, NeuroLinguisticProgramming (NLP), PSYCH-K and acupressure techniques into her hypnotherapy practice is leading edge.  Julia is also an experienced Group Facilitator and Behavior Change Agent.  She is able to offer hypnotherapy services long distance.


October 21, 2009   Cecilia Robertson, Ph.D., psychologist and plein air artist.  Join us as we talk about the intersections of art and psychology and the processes of plein air work.

                                                                                                                 Cecilia started training as an artist at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.  But she found herself majoring in religion and then later completing her doctorate in clinical psychology, a field that allows her to use both her head and heart, and to exercise her curiosity.  After establishing her career as a psychologist in private practice and training physicians in a family residency program,  Cecilia turned to art again and began developing her skills in her first love.
She studied pastel painting with artist Judy Pelt, and oil painting with Dennis Blagg and Bob Rohm.  Her most favorite adventure was a "plein air" event in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona with artist George Strickland.  For one week, 15 artists camped near Anasazi ruins in the canyon and painted the red walled cliffs of the home of the "ancient ones".  The artists traveled throughout the canyon on horseback. 

In October, 2009, Cecilia won "Best of Show" at the 4 day Campfire Invitational Paint-Out at Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

Cecilia continues to divide her time between two creative ways of working in the world, art and psychology.

October 28, 2009  Rev. Christopher Copeland,  ordained minister, spiritual director, Labyrinth facilitator and Interplay leader, founder of Illuminating Paths.  Join us as we discuss with Chris a variety of creative processes in ministry and spiritual directio

Chris returned to his roots in 2009 with a move to Durham, North Carolina, where he serves as the director of Illuminating Paths, a practice of accompanying individuals, groups, and communities on their spiritual journeys using the tools of rituals, embodiment, spiritual practices and discernment. Always interested in growth and learning, Chris attended Wake Forest University; then Andover Newton Theological School, Candler School of Theology, Emory Law School, and San Francisco Theological Seminary earning degrees in theology, law, and spiritual direction. Ordained in 1997 at Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia, Chris has served as pastor, youth minister, church consultant, retreat leader, denominational representative, and spiritual director. Currently a member of the leadership team of the Alliance of Baptists, Chris is the Minister for Leadership Formation.


November 11, 2009  Russ Rutherford,  Music Educator, award-winning Director of Celina High School Bands, leader in Texas Association of Small School Bands.Mr  Russ knows what it takes to motivate youth to seek their personal best, as well as to pull a group of musicians together in a performance that wins competitions over and over.  What does he do to make it work?  What benefits accrue to the teenagers that work so hard on their music?  Join the conversation, and find out what we can learn from youth about creativity, and how to nurture their love for music.

Russ Rutherford, came to Texas in 1985 from Missouri after completing his Bachelor of Music Education.  Earning his Master’s in Musical Arts at the University of North Texas in 1992,  Russ began teaching in Celina, Texas. Under his leadership, Celina began a marching program as well as a jazz program, and students began participation in All-Region competitions. Over the last 16 years, the Celina band has amassed numerous awards; in Texas, as well as out -of -state, including 11 consecutive UIL Sweepstakes Awards.  Celina students have continued their playing careers in major universities across the US.


November 18, 2009  Jane Baldwin, M.A., writer, anthropologist, Priya trained yoga therapist, and co-owner of the Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch,,  a B&B and Retreat Center which offers music and art events and workshops. 
Jane writes a column called “Jungle Jane Explains” for two children’s magazines.

The name “Jungle Jane” comes from her previous career as an archaeologist in Colorado, New M
exico, Guatemala, and Belize.  Jane teaches breathing meditation practices that can be used to open up creativity and release other blocks to energy.


She and her husband Jimmy Baldwin, a musician, own the beautiful Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch,  “A creative outpost to inspire the human spirit”, which overlooks the Brazos River and Palo Pinto Mountains near Mineral Wells, Texas. The Art Ranch is a B&B/retreat center, which also hosts events and workshops in art, music and well-being.

November 25, 2010, 
Janani English, PhD, Registered Massage Therapist,   With a Ph.D. in cross-cultural communication, Janani’s path has led her to study various teaching and therapeutic capacities in the fields of; manual craniosacral and spinal therapies, motion therapy, yoga therapy, stress reduction and relaxation, biomechanics, exercise science, and athletic training. She was trained by physicians and specialists in osteopathic manipulative medicine, rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine and yoga. Her therapeutic methods employ many Ayurvedic treatments as well as international forms of bodywork, yoga, pranayama (breath work), mantra and meditation that come together to create a unique multi-dimensional healing program for all kinds of people.

December 2, 2009  Elizabeth Busch, Ph.D., One Heart Journeys,  specialist in energy healing and whole brain stimulation to increase creativit
y.  Elizabeth is an accredited Outreach Facilitator for The Monroe Institute and a graduate of their Gateway Voyage, Guidelines, Facilitator and Lifeline programs. The Monroe Institute provides experiential education programs facilitating the exploration of human consciousness. It also serves as the core of a nonprofit research organization which seeks applications for individuals and contemporary culture, with the hope of offering constructive solutions to the major issues of human experience. Elizabeth has offered metaphysical workshops and energy healing in Texas and Colorado for the past 18 years and takes groups to Machu Picchu for adventures in Andean spirituality and personal growth.


December 9, 2009,  Shreve Stockton, writer, photographer and publisher of the popular Daily Coyote.  
She is the author of two books: Eating Gluten Free, a health guide and cookbook; and The Daily Coyote, a memoir of her first years in Wyoming and life with the coyote she has raised. Shreve is the author of two websites: “The Daily Coyote”, a photoblog; and “Vespa Vagabond”, a recounting of her solo trip across the United States on a Vespa. She lives in Wyoming with her tomcat, hound dog, coyote, two horses, dairy cow, and black angus bull.
This photograph she provided is of she and Charlie.


December 16, 2009  Elaine Taylor, M.A., MFA, artist and gallery manager of Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

Elaine  has 30+ years art-making experience, as well as serving as curator and juror. With recent shows at Tarrant County College District-NW, Prairie Fest, Artists Against AIDS, Emergency Artists Service League and Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, Elaine uses a broad variety of media, including stone installations and charcoal drawings.  She has a B.S. in Theatre with a minor in Music from Texas Woman’s University; a M.A. and M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has been a professional musician, worked in theatre productions and currently teaches computer graphics.  As Gallery Manager of Fort Worth Community Arts Center she oversees 80+ exhibits a year for artists and organizations as well as 150+ community events such as theatre and concerts. Supported by the Arts Council of Fort Worth, FWCAC is a unique venue providing accessible and affordable exhibition, performance, workshop, classroom and office space to artists and arts organizations.

December 30, 2009  Earl Johnson,  Ph.D. psychologist and musician.

January 6, 2010 Melinda Wolford, Ph.D. NCSP,, psychologist and founder of No Stone Unturned, a charitable foundation to aid children with a rare genetic disorder.                     
Melinda is a school psychologist with specialties in developmental disorders, neurological processes, learning styles and emotional/behavioral disorders.  She is also the mother of a child with CFC --Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects a child’s physical and cognitive development.  She and her husband, Coach Eric Wolford of Youngstown State University in Ohio, established and work on behalf of No Stone Unturned, a foundation inspired by their son Stone. The foundation seeks to support research in children’s health initiatives and to serve families  as they seek to navigate through  medical and school systems to advocate for and obtain treatment for their children.  No Stone Unturned is reaching out to families across the nation as well as seeking points of intersection and supporting existing community services for parents.

January 13, 2010  Julia Brothers, actress.
   Currently living in the San Francisco area,  Julia works in live theatre and specializes in new plays. BrothersJpic Her passion is to work with playwrights and directors on new projects, helping to bring the play and the character to life.  Julia found her creative path when she was very young, coming from a family that encouraged theatrical aspirations. Julia was also a stand up comic for seven years in New York City, sang in a country western band, and was a company member of a modern dance company that toured the northeast.  She has received numerous awards, and was named Bay Area Theatre MVP by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2006.


January 27, 2010, Jan Epton Seale, poet, writer and writing teacher.

Jan  writes poems, fiction, and essays. Her poetry is collected in six volumes, the latest being The Wonder Is: New and Selected Poems. Her short stories are collected in Airlift and Dearness Happens and essays are found in Homeland. Her textbook is The Nuts-&-Bolts Guide to Writing Your Life Story. Seale teaches memoir and creative writing workshops in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where she lives, and nationally for writing groups and conference centers. She’s a curiosity seeker, with poems about stuffed wolves, wax churches, fire-eaters, and monster birds, and stories featuring characters that are lovable bumblers, innocents, or exotics. Besides writing, her passions run toward saving the wildlife of South Texas, championing creativity, playing the flute, and encouraging women to appreciate their valuable lives. 

February 3, 2010  Ann Painter,  Santa Fe artist and art teacher.  Recently returned from teaching Jan term at Ghost Ranch,  Ann is a frequent instructor there during the summer and fall.     
Born on the East Coast,  Ann knew from an early age that she wanted to be an artist.  She obtained a BA in Fine Art and MA in Drawing and Painting from San Diego State University. She worked for years in advertising, art direction and ran her own design business for 10 years. 

Seven years ago she retired from the corporate world to paint full time. She writes, “ I paint with oil on canvas…I strive to create an image that resembles the subject, but is more than that; an image that, through my process of inventing it, transcends reality to embody the experience I had when I was stopped by it in the first place...My life as an artist and teacher is all that I dreamed it would be. The journey was well worth the destination. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I teach and paint in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”



February 10, 2010  Christine Carter, Ph.D. sociologist, writer, artist, and  Executive Director of Greater Good Science Center in Berkeley. 
GGSC is a nonprofit organization that promotes the study and development of  human happiness, compassion and altruism. Best known for her science-based parenting advice, Dr. Carter follows the scientific literature in psychology, sociology and neuroscience to understand ways that we can teach children skills for happiness, emotional intelligence and resilience.  She is the author of Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents. She has a private consulting practice helping families and schools structure children’s lives for happiness, meaning and success.  Her blog for GCSC, Raising Happiness, is frequently syndicated on Psychology Today, the Huffington Post and other websites. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and NPR and loves to speak to parents, grandparents and teachers.

February 17, 2010,
Juliet Bruce, Ph.D. , expressive arts mentor, story coach, writer and workshop leader in NYC. Since 1994, she has helped many hundreds of people in Washington, DC and New York find safe emotional release, spiritual strength, and intuitive guidance in difficult times through story and other arts. Juliet discovered the healing power of story writing while struggling out of her own depression in the late 1980s.
Then a journalist, she taught a story process based on the Hero's Journey to a group of violent, mentally ill prisoners in maximum security. As a result of their progress, 16 out of 20 men were transferred to medium security. The impact of this group and the aliveness she felt in herself convinced her to change careers. Since then Juliet has dedicated her life to creating “story sanctuaries” where people can engage in the most ancient and healing human encounter: telling and listening to each other’s stories. She is writing a book about her prison work.

February 24, 2010
All About Fort Worth Museum of Science and History,,  FWMSH
"Transforming Lives Through Extraordinary Learning Environments."
 The new Museum building, created by internationally acclaimed architects Legorreta + Legorreta with Gideon Toal, is located in the heart of Fort Worth’s Cultural District. The world-class, 166,000 square-foot facility features a collection of new, interactive exhibits and programs developed by the Museum’s staff and a team of nationally recognized designers in support of the Museum’s dedication to informal, discovery-based learning for all ages, including:  Energy Blast; the Fort Worth Children’s Museum; the Cattle Raisers Museum; the Noble Planetarium; Omni IMAX® Theater; DinoLabs/DinoDig® –  featuring the State Dinosaur of Texas, Paluxysaurus jonesi; Innovation Studios/Gallery and the Museum School. For more than six decades, the FWMSH has provided learning opportunities for tens of thousands of area children annually among its million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular cultural attractions in North Texas.

March 3, 2010 Corey Blake, actor/writer/entrepeneur

March 10, 2010  Tonya Paulette, interior designer/professional organizer

March 24, 2010  Steven Jent, writer, composer, print-maker

March 31, 2010  Diane Simons,  costume designer and co-founder Hip Pocket Theatre

April 14, 2010 Janet Chaffee, visual artist

April 21, 2010,  Ira Sukrungruang, author of Talk Thai and professor of creative nonfiction

April 28, 2010  David Banner, Ph.D., psychologist, business professor and author of Frameshifting

May 5, 2010  Sally Jo Effenson,  independent film producer

May 12, 2010  Cynthia Winton-Henry,  performer and co-founder of Interplay

May 19, 2010  Michele Cassou,  artist, writer and workshop leader, founder of The Painting Experience and author of Point Zero: Creativity without Limits

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