Remember feeling free to daydream, to ask why, how, what if? Remember playing with crayons, finger-paint or clay?  Writing poems or stories, or singing and dancing down the sidewalk? Ever look at the stars with wonder and imagine you could see them dancing?

Stargazing Stories is a show about creativity and curiosity, and the courage it takes to develop and strengthen these traits.  In these these tough times  there is need for creativity daily, whether to figure out how to market a new product or raise happy, healthy children, or balance time and resources that never seem quite enough.  But in addition to this daily problem-solving, there are particular expressions of creativity that meet needs in our soul for beauty and wonder and wholeness.  And,  learning about art or music- making and other creative forms, we now know, sharpens our brains for the challenges we face in other areas of life.  We are more creative when we ask questions or engage in play, no matter our age.  Being more creative and curious makes us more engaged and satisfied with our lives and may even help us live longer.

There are strong connections between curiosity and creativity, whether engaged in a particular creative process, or seeking meaning and satisfaction in life.  In this series, we’ll be exploring these traits in a variety of ways. We’ll look at scientific research, which  has increased  dramatically the last few years,  particularly in the field of  positive psychology.  We’ll explore these traits through conversations with guests who engage in creative living in all kinds of ways, with artists, writers, dancers, film-makers, arts educators, business innovators, psychologists, therapists, coaches and learners of all ages.  Find out how to jumpstart your own creativity as well as that of people you live and work with.  One of the first steps  is to notice the stories you’ve heard that shut you down, and notice that ones that enliven you.

A second step is to make a decision, a commitment to your creativity
. That’s where the courage comes in.

What stories do you tell yourself about creativity, especially your own creativity?  Do those stories work for or against you in expressing your creativity?

On Stargazing Stories you’ll hear stories about courage, curiosity and creativity that may open up your choices, or affirm your stories, or lead you to write new ones.  We invite you to  join the conversation, to claim your own creativity and curiosity, and begin to tell those stories to others.

Join Dr. Carol Stalcup in conversation with artists, writers, performers, educators, creativity consultants, therapists and coaches to learn how you can become more creative in everyday life and promote creativity and the arts in your family, schools and communities.


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